Behaviour Consults

Here at Mosman Vets we are fortunate to be able to offer access to leading Animal Behaviour vet Dr Julie Ashton, to whom we refer our behaviour cases.

Dr Julie Ashton runs Life on Four Legs, a relaxed, relationship centric Veterinary Behaviour Consultation service based in Sydney.

Understanding the stresses living with an animal exhibiting problem behaviours can bring, she works tirelessly to find manageable and sustainable solutions for all involved – working towards a happier life for all members of the family – two and four legged alike!

Dr Julie’s qualifications

  • Qualified Veterinarian (University of Bristol, UK)
  • Registered NSW Veterinary Practitioner
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree (Hons)
  • Member of the Australian and NZ Board of Veterinary Scientists by examination (Veterinary Behaviour).

Dr Julie has extensive experience treating both dog and cat behavioural issues in Australia as well as the UK. As a practicing Veterinarian she has the holistic skills and experience to perform a full medical and behavioural assessment, and is able to prescribe any medication your animal may need to help it with anxiety and phobias, which for many animals is an essential part of their management. Dr Julie has close relationships with many dog trainers – and works collaboratively with them (as required) to achieve the best outcome for you and your pet.

Common problems seen by Dr Julie include (but are not limited to:)

  • Toileting in the house or outside a litter tray
  • Aggression (towards other animals or people)
  • Anxiety disorders (phobias, separation problems etc)
  • Overgrooming or excessive licking
  • Destroying furniture
  • Night waking and disturbance
  • Cognitive dysfunction (brain ageing)
  • Excessive vocalization (barking, miaowing and crying)
  • Noise phobias (thunder, fireworks etc)
  • Humping or other sexual behaviours
  • Eating or sucking inappropriate things.

Consultations are typically conducted as home visits which allow the animal to be seen in its own home environment. However, Dr Julie continues to work closely with the Veterinary team at Mosman Vets to ensure continuity of care. She is passionately dedicated to applying positive reinforcement methods of behaviour modification and opposes the use of force or punishment.

To arrange a consultation please ring Mosman Veterinary Clinic on 02 9960 2856 or Dr Julie direct on 0413 400316.

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