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March 2012  is ‘Polite Pets Month’!

The month of March this year is ‘Polite Pets Month’ – an initiative of the Australian Veterinary Association designed to raise awareness amongst owners on how to raise a polite and happy pet. This initiative aim to raise awareness about pet behaviour and is also designed to reduce the incidence of dog bites within the community as a result. To Celebrate Polite Pets Month, the team of Vets at Mosman Veterinary Hospital will be releasing a series of informative articles over the next 6 weeks to offer our clients advice on training, behavior, and socialization of their pets, as well as offering free tips and tricks to help you ensure that your pet is polite, courteous and a model canine or feline citizen. 

Our 1st article is written by Mosman Veterinary Hospital’s Dr Rachele Lowe and discusses how exercising our canine friends can benefit both them AND us! Dr Rachele also offers advice on dog walking etiquette and some great tips on the best dog parks in the area. Read on to find out this weeks top tips.....Enjoy!

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