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Physiotherapy Service at Mosman Veterinary Hospital!

Mosman Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce that we now offer an in-house Physiotherapy service for our patients. Run by Dr Helen Nicholson and Dr Lauren Ling, the Animal Physiotherapy Service is an established animal physiotherapy service run by human physiotherapists who have undertaken extensive training (including PHD's and Master Degree's) to qualify them to use their skills to treat animals. The APS clinicians use Physio to treat a range of conditions including arthritis, muscular pain, neurological conditions, and airway disease.  Dr Nicholson has experience treating and alleviating pain in many species, including dogs, cats and even rabbits! Read on for more information about this exciting new service...



 Helping pups to breathe a sigh of relief!

Brachycephalic Airway Disease is a common complaint seen in Pugs, French bulldogs, Australian Bulldogs, and other brachycephalic breeds of dog. Fortunately, when diagnosed early there are options available to correct this condition and make breathing easier for our 4 legged friends. For the latest info, read on....


As our long summer days and balmy nights start to fade away and a winter chill sets in, many Sydney pet owners will be breathing a sigh of relief; Tick season has passed for another year. Phew! However, whilst many owners see winter as a time to relax and save a few dollars on the expensive treatments they apply so religiously in summer, what many forget is that these treatments are also protecting their pets from a far more persistent and irritating little parasite – THE FLEA! And this winter, as always, Sydney is gearing up for a population explosion of theses pesky little parasites.


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