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This May/June we have seen 3 cases of Rat Lungworm in Mosman, a condition spread through dogs eating infected slugs and snails. Read on for more information....  

This year Mosman Vets has gathered together a team of vets, nurses, and vet students to run the 2012 Mini-Mos. Our team will be running the 10km run to raise funds for a very worthwhile chairity - Greyhound Rescue. Greyhound Resue is a brilliant chairty which works hard to save as many dogs as possible from the pound. The dogs they save are often malnourished, unsocialised and have terrible dental disease due to a life spent in cages with poor quality foods.

Please support us and help us make a difference to the lives of the many Greyhounds still in the pounds around Sydney. The more money we raise, the more canine lives can be saved! 

Read of for more info.....  


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