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Christmas Opening Hours 2012

We realise that over Christmas and New Years your pet may still need us, and so we will be open for consultation every day other than Christmas Day. On public holidays we do have reduced trading hours - please consider the following hours for the festive period if you need to see our Vets or Nurses.

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.


Seasons Greetings!

This year Mosman Vet are appealing to our local community to dig deep for the wonderful people and pooches of Greyhound Rescue. Read more about their amazing work below, and how you can donate or "Sponsor a Hound". Also, please do download and print the poster or use the image on your website or blog, tweet, facebook... etc. to help advertise our cause!

Mosman Vet Christmas Appeal 2012 - Greyhound Rescue

Download the poster (pdf - 123Kb) or save the image (jpg - 106 Kb, right-click on the image and select save image) to help advertise our cause.


Help! My cat is peeing everywhere...
Sound familiar? There are different reasons your cat is showing this undesired behaviour and in this post we will share some useful strategies and tips to help you tackle the problem, including a downloadable cheat sheet.

But first, we need to distinguish between two types of innapropriate urination in cats:

  1. Elimination: Elimiation involves urinating on horizontal surfaces, with the cat crouching as they would to pee in the litter tray... but just not in litter tray!  If you cat is eliminating outside of the tray it can indicate a urinary tract infection or similar medical issue.  For cases of innapropriate elimination we would advise having your pet examined by a Vet. Call us on 02 9960 2856 to chat to a vet and/or make an appointment.

  2. Urine marking or spraying: Urine marking or spraying involves urinating on vertical surfaces (walls, furniture). Your  cat will position himself with his or her tail high up in the air and will urinate at cat nose height, sometimes with a little tremble of the tail (see image)

Cat spraying or marking behaviour

Read on for more information.......................................................................................


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