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There has been much media coverage lately about breed banning as a measure to reduce the incidence of dog attacks and to increase the safety of our community.

We at Mosman Veterinary Hospital are extremely concerned with the safety of people around animals and are keen to see a sensible, proven legislation put in place to improve the relationship between dogs and people, and reduce the incidence of dog bites.

The huge majority of dog bites occur within the family home, by the family pet and the victims are most commonly children. Very sadly, we heard recently in the news of a two year old child being killed by a dog owned by a family member.

There is always plenty of media sensationalism surrounding these cases, and unfortunately, the seriousness of this incidence was overshadowed by a lot of knee jerk reacting and foot stomping by politicians and journalists. The answer, they say, is to place a blanket ban on Pit Bull Terriers.
There are many, many problems with this approach....

Out of all the members of one’s family, the chances are it will not be difficult to guess who has the worst dental hygiene in your house: the pets. They do not brush their teeth, nor do they floss, and this goes on for years. If you are ever curious as to what happens if teeth go for years without brushing (or you want to show your children what will become of their teeth should they fail to brush regularly), you have only to look at your pet’s teeth and smell your pet’s breath.

Did you know that four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease?

August is also known as Pet Dental Health Month - the annual celebration of healthy smiles and the well-being of our pets. This initiative is supported by the Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).


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