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Molly' is a 9 year old cat who is indoors and outdoors. She does not use a litter tray, and instead prefers to use the garden outside to toilet.

Molly presented to Mosman Vet for weight loss and for being a little bit fussier with her food. With these general signs, we ran a full blood profile to check her kidney function, sugar levels (to rule out diabetes mellitus) and general health status. All these parameters were within the normal ranges for an older cat and so we then scheduled an abdominal ultrasound. This is where we discovered what was affecting Molly....she had bladder stones! An x-ray was also taken and confirmed that this was indeed the on to find out more about Molly's case and also to find out more about feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) and how it can be treated.


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