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Running with a friend can be fun, and running with your best furry friend can be even better. Not to mention time-efficient.

Unfortunately for both of us, she is an Australian bulldog and therefore a totally useless running partner. So after my morning run, I have to take her to the dog park for her own training, if that’s what you call rumbling with Raffi, her vizsla best friend. When on a lead, she goes on strike after 1km by simply lying on the ground and refusing to budge.

I love seeing people running with their dogs, because both seem to be in an endorphin-infused state of synchronicity. But it’s not always as easy as it looks.

There’s a lot to be mindful of before your dog can achieve running buddy status, says Rachele Lowe, a runner and vet at Sydney's Mosman Veterinary Hospital. Read on for a few pointers.


Can you guess what these are?

Here’s a hint – they came from inside Blanche, a gorgeous 7-year-old Schnauzer!

Read on to find out more.

Warning: this blog post contains some graphic images.


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