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Heat stress (hyperthermia) is when your dog’s body temperature becomes elevated. The body cannot cope with excessive heat build-up, and the dog can’t cool themselves down enough by dissipating heat. This can lead to multi-organ dysfunction that can be life-threatening.


The excitement and stress of renovations affects the four legged members of the family just as much as the 2 legged ones. Vets around the country see plenty of cats and dogs suffering the upheavals involved in creating that dream home.



With so many of us enjoying pet ownership in Australia, there is an etiquette we need to adhere to that makes our pets happier. Here are some basis rules to follow:



The older I get, the more I’m starting to realize that Christmas is probably only good if you’re a kid. It’s stressful enough for the adults organizing it, but every year, there is a steady stream of dogs and cats presented to the vet that have either strayed because they’ve had enough, or have injured or disgraced themselves trying to get away from some terrifying festive noise, or rambunctious guest.


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