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Jun 19

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 


Mosman Vets Senior Program – Old Age Is Not A Disease!

Each year in May and June Mosman Veterinary Hospital runs a Senior Health Focus to draw attention to Senior Pets.

A Senior pet is any dog or cat over the age of 7. At 7, dogs and cats are equivalent to a 50 year old human! This is an age when most men and women start to take better care of their health and have regular check-ups with their doctor. Just as this is important for us, it is also important for our pets.

From the outside most pets will seem 100% healthy. At the yearly vaccination our vets will check their eyes, ears, teeth, heart and lungs, skin, and body condition. The physical exam at time of consult checks the EXTERNAL parts of your pets health. What we can’t do is see internally, to check how your pets organs are working.

From 7 years of age (50 human years!) your pet should be have twice yearly checks. At this stage of life 1 dog or cat year is effectively 2-3 human years. No elderly person would go 2-3 years between checks ups as a lot can change in this length of time. Similarly, if our pets are not checked regularly, early changes and signs of disease will be missed.

Senior pets should have a check up very 6 months - The 1st should be the annual external check up is at the time of vaccination. At this visit your pets will receive a full external check up – eyes, teeth, skin heart, lungs, etc.  The second check should be mid-year (roughly 6 mths after vaccination) to check your pets internal as well as external health. At this mid-year seniors exam the Vets will collect a urine and blood sample to check how well your pets internal organs such as Kidneys, Liver, and Thyroid are functioning. These tests are very important as they can help us to pick up early signs of diseases, before your pet starts to show signs.

Example; In Kidney Disease, your Kidneys have to loose 75% function before your pet starts to show signs on the outside. A simple urine test can pick up on early changes months before this.

Picking up on disease earlier means that we can start treatment sooner. Earlier treatment is often cheaper for the owners, has a higher success rate, and is more effective than treatment once the pet is externally sick.

Example; Early kidney disease – picked up early on a urine test. Once found, we can start the pet on a renal diet such as KD which can help slow progression of Kidney disease, potentially extending the animals life, slowing down progression, and  reducing the need for expensive medications!.

What are we offering?

In May/June we are raising awareness for the need to check up senior pets more frequently. To motivate owners to look closer and get their OAP checked up we are offering:

$250 worth of blood and urine testing, including a full consultation with a Vet, for $99!

What is included?

·         A 20 minute consult with the vet.

·         A full external physical exam

·         2 blood tests – a CBC which looks at red and white blood cells, and a Biochemistry which looks at organs such as the kidneys and liver.

·         A USG to check for diabetes and kidney disease.

·         Cats also get a Thyroid blood test done too.


We ask clients to please bring a urine sample in with them at time of consultation for the vet to examine. Urine should be collected;

·         In a clean and dry container – old Tupperware container is great.

·         If you need a pot, we have urine pots which that you can pop in and collect free of charge before the consult. 

·         Samples should be collected no more that 6 hours before the consult.

·         If not brought in fresh, it should be stored in a refrigerator until they come in for the consult.

·         Please give this sample to the vet at the start of consult, as this will also be sent to the lab with the bloods.

·         If they have 2 pets or more, make sure they label pots clearly so samples do not get confused.


The Seniors Health Check consultation and bloodwork is a screening program for HEALTHY seniors only, and the discounted offer is available for a limited time (From May 1st to June 30th)

To Book your pet in for a seniors check, please speak to our reception staff on 02 99602856.



Have you noticed your pet getting a bit itchier with the warmer weather? Maybe they're scratching or chewing at their fur a bit more than usual? Have they got a red or pink tinge to their skin? If so, your pet may have atopy. This is an inflammatory reaction by the skin to an allergen, and affects a lot of our furry friends!

If you notice any of the above signs, or are concerned about your pet's skin, head into Mosman Vet to speak with our veterinary team.

To help with the (sometimes complex) treatment of atopy, Mosman Vet are offering a couple of promotions during October and November.

We are offering:

  • FREE Aloven Conditioner when you buy a shampoo from the Aloveen or Natural Shampoo range*
  • FREE Pyohex Conditioner when you buy a shampoo from the Malaseb or Pyohex range.*
  • Buy 4, get 1 free Loyalty Card for Bravecto Chews

Call us on (02) 9960 2856 or book an appointment online if your pet needs to see a vet. Otherwise, head on in to the clinic to take advantage of our offers!

*While stocks last

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