Kitten Care


Your kitten requires a series of injections to protect him or her from potentially fatal viral diseases - cat flu and feline enteritis. They need the three boosters because maternal antibodies interfere with their response to vaccination, and these antibodies wane at different rates in different kittens. We recommend vaccinating against feline leukaemia virus at the 2nd and 3rd vaccinations.

6-8 weeks F3 (Herpesvirus, Calicivirus, Feline Enteritis Virus)
12-14 weeks F3
16-18 weeks F3

Learn more about vaccination


Worms can kill kittens, and are transmissible to humans, especially children. We recommend worming every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age, then monthly until 6 months, then every 3 months. However, if your cat is on Revolution for fleas, you do not need worming tablets.

Learn more about worming

Microchipping and Registration

All kittens, and rehomed cats, need to be microchipped and lifetime registered with your local council. Mosman Veterinary Hospital is an Australian Veterinary Association accredited microchipping centre. Kittens must be registered before 6 months of age.

All other cats need to be identified either by a microchip, or collar and tag, but registration with council is not compulsory.

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Heartworm disease is more common in dogs, but cats can become infected if bitten by a mosquito carrying the immature heartworm. Signs of infection vary, and include sudden death. Revolution is a monthly topspot preparation that prevents heartworm, kills fleas, flea larvae and flea eggs, kills ear mites, and controls roundworm and hookworm. It is a very good parasite control product for cats.

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Males and females can be desexed from 8 weeks of age. Females can come onto heat from 6 months of age, and males tend to start spraying and other territorial behaviour from about this age. The operation can be performed any weekday, and cats go home the same day.

For the month of July 2016 Mosman Vet is offering 50% off routine desexing procedures.

Please call our friendly reception team to make an appointment (02) 9960 2856


1. Mosman Veterinary Hospital (T/as Mosman Vet) have the right to discoutinue this offer at anytime without notice or reason.

2. Discount applies to routine desexing procedures only. Complex procedures will be charged regular professional fees.

3. Discount applies to professional routine fees only. Example of exclusions are, fluid therapy or Pre-ananethetic blood tests.


Your kitten has entirely different nutritional needs from dogs and from humans, and benefit the most from a balanced high quality diet such as Eukanuba, Advance, or Hills Science Diet. Encourage your kitten to chew on raw chicken wings and necks to keep his/her teeth clean. Older cats that have not been trained to eat chicken bones often refuse them.

Many cats are unable to tolerate the lactose in milk and will develop diarrhoea. If they are on a good quality kitten diet, they do not require any other supplements. A fresh bowl of water every day is advisable.

Nutrition advice from Mosman Vet

Flea Control

Flea control can start from a young age, with many alternatives available. Revolution has been mentioned above, and is a safe way to protect against a wide range of internal and external parasites. Program injection is a 6 monthly injection that breaks the flea lifecycle, and Advantage and Frontline are effective and safe topspot preparations. Remember to apply the topspot very high on the back of the cat’s neck, as they are very flexible, and they should not lick the area when grooming.

Learn more about flea control


Cats often remove paralysis ticks when grooming, before they cause signs of paralysis, but are often found between the shoulder blades where cats can't reach, or on longhaired cats, especially if knotty or matted. Frontline spray used every 3 weeks, or Proban tablets every second day help to control ticks, although there is no substitute for daily searching during the tick season and this extends from September to February.

Learn more about tick control


Have you noticed your pet getting a bit itchier with the warmer weather? Maybe they're scratching or chewing at their fur a bit more than usual? Have they got a red or pink tinge to their skin? If so, your pet may have atopy. This is an inflammatory reaction by the skin to an allergen, and affects a lot of our furry friends!

If you notice any of the above signs, or are concerned about your pet's skin, head into Mosman Vet to speak with our veterinary team.

To help with the (sometimes complex) treatment of atopy, Mosman Vet are offering a couple of promotions during October and November.

We are offering:

  • FREE Aloven Conditioner when you buy a shampoo from the Aloveen or Natural Shampoo range*
  • FREE Pyohex Conditioner when you buy a shampoo from the Malaseb or Pyohex range.*
  • Buy 4, get 1 free Loyalty Card for Bravecto Chews

Call us on (02) 9960 2856 or book an appointment online if your pet needs to see a vet. Otherwise, head on in to the clinic to take advantage of our offers!

*While stocks last

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