Tick Alert Map

Our Tick Alert map is a record of the location and dates where paralysis ticks have been reported to be picked up by dogs and cats.

For more information about paralysis ticks, read our Tick Control page. For further information or advice, call Mosman Vet on 9960 2856 or make an appointment online.


Tick Alerts

Awaba Street

Nov 2018

Bay Street

Nov 2016

Nov 2017 

Nov 2018

Bradley's Bushland Reserve

Oct 2017

Buena Vista Avenue

Dec 2017 

Chinamans Beach

Nov 2015

Nov 2016

Dec 2017

Clifton Gardens

22 Nov 2016

Illawarra Street

Nov 2017


Nov 2017 

Mosman Vet

Northern Beaches

7th Nov 2016

Prince Albert Street

Nov 2018

Queens Street

11 Feb 2017

Raglan St, Mosman

8 Nov 2016

Rawson Park

Oct 2018

Rickard Avenue

Nov 2017, Nov 2018

Ryrie Street, Mosman

Nov 2017 

Sirius Cove Reserve

21 Nov 2013

24 Jul 2012

24 Aug 2012

7 Sept 2012

2 Dec 2012

3 Dec 2012

2 Nov 2016

30 Nov 2016

Spit Road

21st Sept 2016

30th Oct 2017

31st Oct 2018

The Grove

Nov 2017 

Whiting Beach Road

Nov 2018


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