Flea Control

Fleas are by far the most common cause of allergic skin disease in dogs and cats, causing severe itching, secondary skin infections and enormous stress and frustration for pets and owners alike.

It is becoming more evident that fleas are the host for a number of important internal diseases that can affect pets and people.

Fleas are prolific breeders, and populations can slowly build up, even in the cold months, and then explode in the warmer months.

Good flea control involves combining multiple strategies to attack the flea life cycle from different angles.

At Mosman Vet, we can tailor a program to get on top of the flea life cycle and make flea problems a thing of the past.

Advice may include:-

  • Environmental flea control tips – very important
  • Products to break the flea life cycle “inset growth regulators” or IGR’s
  • Effective products to knock down adult fleas fast and ease your pet’s suffering

Products available include:-

  • 6-monthly injections for cats
  • Oral chews which protect against flea & ticks for dogs
  • Monthly chews for dogs that also control heartworm and worms
  • Fast knock-down tablets that kill fleas on your pets in under 2 hours
  • Drops on the back of the neck (some of which also kill ticks)

Remember, some products are suitable for dogs only, so take care to get advice from Mosman Vet on what products are safe for your cat.

And remember, in your pet’s preventative health program, don’t forget to include:-

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