Nutrition Advice

Good nutrition is vital to your pet’s health.

At Mosman Vet we offer the highest quality premium pet foods, in a variety of styles to suit your pet’s palate! Canned food, dried foods and tasty fresh loaves are available.

Our staff are trained to give you the best advice about the diet most appropriate for your pet.

A wide range of diets are offered to cater for dogs’ and cats’ different lifestyles, ages and sizes. This includes diets that can help clean the teeth, control hair balls in cats and help sensitive skins and stomachs!!

In addition, we offer specific Veterinary prescription diets which can make a real difference in the treatment of many health problems. These include gastrointestinal problems, including Pancreatitis, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Lower Urinary Tract Disease, Skin Disease, Diabetes, Mellitus, Arthritis and Obesity.

Please ring or call in to receive free nutrition counselling for your pet from one of our friendly and experienced staff.

Weight Loss Program- February & March 2017 (Dogs and Cats)

Are you struggling to keep your pet in shape? Hill's and Mosman Vet are offering a Weight Loss program for the months of February & March 2017. The program includes a vet consult,  weigh in, discussion about current diet and exercise as well as a FREE* bag of dry Metabolic food for your cat or dog.

The program continues with nurse follow up calls, fortnightly/monthly weigh ins, 50% off the 2nd bag of food and 25% off the 3rd bag of food.

*Terms and Conditions apply- please see in detail below.

Weight Loss Program- T&C's

1. The promotion is for new patients to Hill's Metabolic only.

2. The client must consent to the following but not exclusive to; regular patient weigh-ins, waist measurements, photos, discussion relating to current diet and excerise.

3. The client must commit to regular updates inperson and via phone to Mosman Vet

4. The client must commit to only feeding their pet Hill's Metabolic food within the guidelines set by Hill's and Mosman Vet.

5. Mosman vet has the right to share a patients progress with Hill's for research purposes

6. Mosman Vet has the right to cancel a patient's program without warning or reason.



Have you noticed your pet getting a bit itchier with the warmer weather? Maybe they're scratching or chewing at their fur a bit more than usual? Have they got a red or pink tinge to their skin? If so, your pet may have atopy. This is an inflammatory reaction by the skin to an allergen, and affects a lot of our furry friends!

If you notice any of the above signs, or are concerned about your pet's skin, head into Mosman Vet to speak with our veterinary team.

To help with the (sometimes complex) treatment of atopy, Mosman Vet are offering a couple of promotions during October and November.

We are offering:

  • FREE Aloven Conditioner when you buy a shampoo from the Aloveen or Natural Shampoo range*
  • FREE Pyohex Conditioner when you buy a shampoo from the Malaseb or Pyohex range.*
  • Buy 4, get 1 free Loyalty Card for Bravecto Chews

Call us on (02) 9960 2856 or book an appointment online if your pet needs to see a vet. Otherwise, head on in to the clinic to take advantage of our offers!

*While stocks last

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